About Firefleye

Did you ever want to be a fly?

Virtual reality still is 'reality'.

By digitalising the real world we offer a new way of consuming reality.
Firefleye will trick your mind, offering you a mind boggling experience consuming reality elsewhere.

The team

Kenneth van Rumste
CEO and co-founder
Kenneth is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, marketing and financial part of Firefleye
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Jorn De Pril
CTO and co-founder
Jorn is the technical wizard, doing mind boggling things in Virtual Reality
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Supporting partners

Start it @ KBC
Supports and promotes innovative and scalable entrepeneurship and has over 370 start-ups which makes it the biggest start-up community in Belgium.
Partnering with Microsoft provides us direct insights in new developments, innovation and product information.
Via our Dell partnership Firefleye has access to Dell product information, up-to-date news, access to images, campaign assets and case studies, and will be able to register for online training courses.

Insights into our activities