Why Firefleye - advantagesWhy should you choose Firefleye?

When we talk to prospects and potential customers, we often get the question: Why should I choose Firefleye? What is your added value?

First questions we should ask ourselves is what do you want? what our your requirements?

Based on that, you can identify if Firefleye would fit your needs. If you want to create virtual tours that are cheap, only take minutes to create and don’t require technical knowledge, Firefleye is your solution!


We distinguish ourselves from others in significant ways:

Low Pricing

You don’t get it cheaper elsewhere! We target a big audience, that is why we offer our first virtual tour for free. As of the second virtual tour you would pay 69 € /virtual tour.

If your planning on publishing more than 10 virtual tours per year, it becomes interesting to purchase a yearly renewable license. It will automaticly lower your cost to 29 € per virtual tour.

That’s right! Only 29 € per virtual tour. That is what makes it a product for everybody!

Get a view on the different packages we offer.

Low time consumption

Creating a virtual tour might be very time consuming, but not when using Firefleye!

Taking 360° pictures of a property or store can be done in no time! Uploading them and creating the virtual tour is a matter of minutes.

That gets you started quickly and keeps you focused on the things that really matter in your business.

If you don’t want to spend all day creating virtual tours, Firefleye is your solution!

No technical knowledge required

Why would we make it complex, if it can be done easily and without the technical knowledge?

Learning how to use a 360° camera like the Rico Theta S, can be done by a 7 year old. Connect it to your smartphone or tablet, push the capture button and you are done.

Creating the virtual tour in Firefleye is extremely easy.

  1. upload the pictures in the tool
  2. add hotspots to your pictures and your done!

Our intuitive layout alows you to start creating a virtual tour, immediatly after registration.