Virtual Reality Sales Experience.

Firefleye boosts your sales process with Virtual Reality solutions. Whether you are creating buildings, designing architectural plans or sell cars, Firefleye is here to transform and innovate the way you sell today, creating a remarkable customer experience.

Based on a demo we can gather your exact requirements and propose a Virtual Reality solution that will innovate your sales process.

Your clients will be mind boggled and, in the end, a Firefleye Virtual Reality solution will be that one special thing that convinces him to sign your deal.


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Firefleye 360 degree content creation

360° content creation

Buildings, cars, designs, interiors, any physical environment can be digitalized in a 360° model. Firefleye defines together with you how we can maximize the experience of the Virtual Reality impact on your client.

Firefleye is able to create interactive models which will provide your clients the experience to actually walk around in the building or sit in the car.

Reality consumed elsewhere.

360° Interactive content

Zoom in and out, move around left, right, top and bottom. Our 360° content is not only consumable on VR devices, but also on websites and all devices (IOS, Android, web browsers, etc...)

Imagine the possibilities. How your customers could discover that fantastic showroom, an innovative building, your cute little shop, your brand new car etc.

How does it work?

proces Virtual Reality for fairs


Together with you, we define the subjects (e.g. building, garden, car, ...) that you want to showcase in Virtual Reality to your customers.



Firefleye comes on-site and takes care of 360° recording, configuration and setup


We deliver a Firefleye Virtual Reality Experience Box, in which you can find the required VR glasses, completely set up and preconfigured for immediate usage.

Firefleye Virtual Reality possibilities

VR on the road
Your representative can use Virtual Reality in the familiar environment of the customers' office or home. An excellent moment to show all your realizations and products, offering that special service that differentiates you from your competition.
VR in a showroom or office
Use Virtual Reality in your office or showroom to offer your customer a real experience. Finally you will be able to show all the options your have, an excellent extension to the premium services you already offer.
360° website media
Insert 360° interactive media in your website to showcase your realizations and astonish your customers online. Looking around in your realizations as if they are actually in your building or product.

Premium products

Only the best, premium, products are selected by Firefleye to provide top quality each time.

Based on extreme tests and depending on your requirements, products will be proposed that are the most suitable for your solution. When we are executing a demo, you will be able to touch, feel and experience these products and validate the choice.

Your Virtual Reality experience starts when Firefleye walks through your door for the first time.

Firefleye Sales Solutions - b2b Virtual Reality

Firefleye at a glance

Firefleye customizes the implementation to your needs to maximize the mind boggling experience of your client.
Cost reduction
A solution that might lower your costs, after all, you are consuming all your products in one single location.
Less travel time
Virtual Reality enables you to consume reality elsewhere, decreasing the travel times and time to showcase a specific product on location.
Premium products
Only qualitative, high performance premium products are selected based on thorough testing and gathered requirements.
An amazing user experience for your clients and for you. It starts as soon as Firefleye walks on your doorstep.
Create an innovative image for your company or brand by embrasing Virtual Reality and the Firefleye experience.