Why custom solutions?

Only few products would exist if they could satisfy all our needs, unfortunatly, it isn't the case...

That's why we listen to our clients, discuss and try to figure out what it is that they really need and create a custom developed application for it.

Our knowledge is broad, we can help you on very technical aspects discussing about Java, classes, strings, design patterns but we also speak business language and can discuss requirements, needs, added value, return on investment (ROI) etc.

So it doesn't matter if you can't express the exact needs you or your company has, let's discuss and we are confident that we'll come up with a solution that provides you what you really need!

Custom Development and Solutions - Let's discuss


Got some examples?

We try to propose different out of the box solutions, but it doesn't seem to fit all the needs or flexibility the customer wants. Here are some examples of solutions we worked on with our clients:

  • For a car manufacturing company we created a customized and interactive virtual interface that allowed the technicians to see the reference set-up of the assembly line. It allowed them to repair the robots to their initial state and report on executed changes in a reporting system.
  • A vendor of modular buildings asked us to create a Virtual Reality application that would enable their account managers to visualize their realisations to their customers. 
Premium products
We have great suppliers and can provide you good hardware like computers, laptops, VR goggles or even smartphones
Technical expertise
Technical knowledge is present inhouse on Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, C++, C# etc.
Project management
Firefleye has extended experience in project and program management. Feel free to ask for our cv's!