Virtual Agent - Showcase your virtual tours

Capture it
Create 360° pictures of each room, it's so easy that even your 7 year old could do it!
Create it
Start creating an amazing virtual tour right away. We have all the bells and whistles others don't. Capture! Create and engage!
Share it
Expose your Virtual Tour and astonish the crowd! Get more visibility and wauw your possible clients!


What do you need?

A 360° camera

Creating pictures with 360° camera is easy! You just position the camera in the room, take a picture and move to the next room. Once all pictures are taken, upload them on the Virtual Agent Property you created and you're good to go. Don't worry if you don't have such a camera, let's talk to get you started

An account on Firefleye Virtual Agent

Get in touch and we'll get you started! It's intuitive and is platform independent, even a 7 year old can create a virtual tour! 


Discover the features we have to offer!


What is in it for you?

Increase your brand visibility
Your brand and properties are shared and seen like never before. We notice an increase of minimum 20% additional likes and shares compared to traditional shared content. A must to beat your competition!
Be an innovator!
It is very difficult to distinguish yourself from your competition. Now, you can really have this innovative effect on your customers and make the difference!
More effective selling
The virtual tour alows your customers to experience the property in advance, causing a natural selection of really interested customers. You only get the potential buyers you really want!
Save time and money
Because of a natural selection you will save time and money. Your target audience is aware of the look and feel, an experience they never had before with traditional pictures.
Less car time, more focus
You win time and can focus on the things that really matter: selling your property to the ideal client! More focus for you!
An additional service
Your clients and buyers will recognise a virtual tour as an additional service. Another way to distinguish yourself from your competition!


Why would you use virtual tours?

  • Showcase real estate
  • Create a tour through your shop
  • Show the interior of a restaurant
  • Create a guided tour in a museum
  • Show the cars in a showroom

No matter how crazy your idea is, let your clients Experience it. Now!

Increase your visibility and distinguish yourself from your competition!