Firefleye succesfully ported a complete 3D rendered model on Virtual Reality glasses, include interactivity and complete testing succesfully. This means that Firefleye is able to create customized interactive models for its client in Virtual Reality that can be consumed using, for example, Samsung Gear VR or other models.

By doing this, Firefleye is one of the first implementors in Belgium and Europe, able to add interactivity which makes it specifically usefull for its customers asking only for the best.Camera Matterport for 3D modelling for Virtual Reality

How can this full 3D and HD experience be interesting for you?

  • Creation of interactive tour guides
  • For training purposes, e.g. to inform and train your employees on difficult and dangerous situations.
  • To sell your products, e.g. to sell properties, buildings, vehicles
  • To present architectural constructions that are in the design phase, e.g. architecture agency
  • etc.

By using the newest technology in model creation, Matterport, a model is created and imported in our Unity development environment. Based on the customer needs, the model is made interactive by adding elements like video, text and interactivity. An example could be the addition of fire in the model so that a trainee can learn what to do in dangerous situation (e.g. escape routes).

The user, after putting on VR glasses, will be transported into the Virtual Reality environment, in the centre of the 3D model, and loos all contact with the real world. Never before a more realistic experience was created. No matter if it is for training purposes, product placement or selling your products, this will be an experience that has the potential to lower your costs, boost your profit and increase your security.

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Succesfull interactive Virtual Reality 3D modelling
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